Current General Needs:

  • Good Grass Hay
  • Printing donations for brochures/events
  • Bleach
  • Mouth Wash
  • Insulation Board
  • Donations for grain - made at Ag-Plus in Columbia City.​


Cowboy is a 13 yr old half Arabian gelding.  He suffered a shoulder injury 7 years ago during a competition.  His condition requires medication, supplements, and special farrier expenses.  Cowboy needs about $400 per month to cover his needs and keep him pain free.

Woody is a 22 yr old gelding.  He is aging well and requires about $250 per month for his upkeep.

Zahar is a 16 yr old Arabian gelding and also has general needs of $230/month.

​​​Meet the RWF horses! 

All are used in conjunction with Habilitation counseling and as general lesson horses.

Costs for each are approximately $200/month that includs hay, grain, bedding, farrier, and annual shots. 

 Some require greater care than others due to age or past injury. 

If you wish to sponsor a horse for the day week or month click on the donation sponsor button below your choice and add the amount you wish to contribute.



Ride With Faith, Inc.

Tippy our mighty mini is an 8 yr old gelding and at times struggles with founder.  His founder besides his general care requires additional medication his needs are about $200/ month.

Sawyer is a 34 yr.  Arabian gelding and came to be with RWF as a rescue some years ago.  His age requires him to be on a special diet and as such his monthly care cost about $300.